Krajna: Rusko

Žáner: Akční , Dobrodružný

Hrajú: Sergej Bezrukov , Aram Varděvaňan , Taisija Vilkova , Jurij Kolokolnikov , Olga Sutulova , Arťom Tkačenko , Věra Brežněva , Nikita Kologrivyj , Alexandr Cekalo

Štúdio: Sreda

1919, Solnechnomorsk. Talented adventurers have become too unexpected: now they are wanted by the Russian and Turkish police. They go to the south of Russia to take possession of the golden scepter of Count Rumyantsev. In pursuit of a precious little thing, terrorists, circus performers and even participating ladies can dress up as them. Meanwhile, Ostap’s mother is approaching the paws of the gloomy Satanist Crowley, in whose treasury, by a mysterious coincidence, there is also a scepter ...

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