Krajna: Velká Británie

Žáner: Horor

Hrajú: Amelia Eve, Jo Hart, Michelle Archer, Marian Elizabeth

Štúdio: Tharun Productions

Lisa and David, a writer and an entrepreneur couple from London travels to Ballyvadlea,Ireland for their working holiday.The short trip was panned so Lisa could start on her second book and David could work on his startup business plan, but unbeknownst to either of them the house was built on a cursed ground. Lisa's curiosity leads her to the discovery of the personal memoirs of Niav, the mysterious woman who once lived at the property a century ago, hence opening the long closed doors and in doing so awakens the demons within. David's only hope comes in the form of George, the wandering priest who has a story to tell. the narrative takes place in 1918, 1950 and 2010.

Prístupné od: 12

Subory na webe:

.mkv EN 3.73 GB 1080p h264 -1916x1076
eng /ac3 /5.1(side)
.mkv EN 1.75 GB 1080p h264 -1904x1072
eng /aac /5.1

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